S7Comm/S7CommPlus Analyzer

Hi there,

as a part of my master's thesis I wrote a protocol analyzer for the Siemens protocols S7Comm and S7CommPlus.

I posted the code on my GitHub repository, which can be seen here:


The S7Comm nearly covers all protocol functions and was tested on .pcap files I generated with a Siemens S7-1204 and other files which I found on other GitHub repositores.
The S7CommPlus analyzer isn't finished yet. It covers all base functions, but without handeling the data of the packets. There is a lot to do, like fragmentation, parsing of data, testing etc. which I couldn't do, because it would have exceeded my time limit.

Feel free to use, modify or share it.


Hi Dane,

Thanks for sending this along. I’ll have to check it out.

One thing I noticed – do you mind filling out the license in COPYING.edit-me? Without a valid copyright, it’s hard to figure out what all we can do this. Thanks,


Hi Vlad,

oh yeah, I forgot to do so. I will update the COPYING file as soon as I get home.