Seeking Windows contributors

Since we announced experimental Windows support in 2022, we’ve received a slow but constant influx of bug reports and support requests for this platform. Over the past months our workload has increased substantially, for reasons that we’re very happy about: Spicy has attracted a lot of attention, we’re deep in a refactoring effort that restructures the boundary of Zeek and Broker, several new protocol analyzers have landed in Zeek, and our community’s engagement on Slack and Discourse has grown as well. The downside of this increased activity is that our small team can no longer keep up on all fronts, and areas that aren’t central to our focus are falling behind.

Windows support is one of these areas. So today we’re asking for your help: if you’re a Windows developer eager to improve Zeek, please get in touch. There’s a growing backlog of Windows issues that we cannot currently take on. You don’t need to be a networking wizard to contribute to Zeek: most of the open issues simply require close familiarity with Windows, which we lack. Some of the work also straddles projects; for example, we’ve hit several interesting issues in libkqueue that need addressing.

If you’re comfortable working in these areas and looking to get involved, please get in touch via our usual channels and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details. Thanks!