Sequential access using 'for'

- There's now a "for" statement to iterate over the indices of
  a table or the members of a set:

  for ( i in foo )

  for the above "foo" will iterate with i assigned to 1, 2, and 3;
  *but not in general in that order*.

I need to traverse the table sequentially (upwards and downwards).
However it seems that the 'for' command does not do that.

Did you mean the same thing when you said :
"*but not in general in that order*"

Also is there any workaround so that i can access the table sequentially.


Since "for" construct was not there in bro, i was using "recursive"
function calls in my script.
But now that "for" loop construct is there, i can use that.

I want to know how much will i gain by doing that. because presently i am using 0.7a48 and i have to do some additional changes to 0.7a62 before i can use that.

I am using the recursive call for almost 512 rounds. so i guess there will be a tremendous change if i use for loop instead , right ?

The for loop ought to be a lot more efficient, yes. But what you gain will
of course depend on how much your performance is currently dominated by the
recursive calls.


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