Sequential access using 'for'

I need to traverse the table sequentially (upwards and downwards).
However it seems that the 'for' command does not do that.

Right, it doesn't. (It's also not clear what "sequentially" means for
some types of table indexes, for example address/port pairs.)

What particular problem are you trying to solve? I ask because that'll
help me think about what sort of mechanism to add to support it.



I am running bro.0.7a48 on OpenBSD 2.8.

The HeartBeat received packets is not correct. I think it is bacause
the pcap_stats call which the HeartBeat function makes is returning
the wrong values.

I wanted to confirm this so i ran bro as :

../bro -f "port imap" -i xl0 mt

(the network traffic did not have any imap traffic) but still the received
packets was showing the total number of packets originally on the network.

This problem is not there when i run bro on Linux (2.2.16)
On linux it gives the correct received packets (but linux has
a bug that it always returns the dropped packets as 0)

Has anyone seen this problem before. Any fixes/suggestions.

thanks a lot