Several questions

I'm working on an upgrade to the bro port in FreeBSD (from 0.9a4a to 1.1d-stable.) I've never used bro, but I maintain a number of ports. I've found that bro is quite a complex port. I've had to address a number of issues where bro does things in a "non-standard" (for FreeBSD) way, but I've finally got the port installing correctly and in the "right" (for FreeBSD) locations.

Now I'm testing running bro, and I've run into some problems that I don't know the answer to.

1) When I try to run bro.rc start, I get a permission denied error.

bro.rc: Starting ..........bro.rc: Failed to start Bro
/var/tmp/bro/bin/bro.rc: /var/tmp/bro/bin: Permission denied

I tried changing the user from bro to root, but I still get the error. All the directories and files have the "standard" permissions (xwrx-rx-r for dirs and executables -rw-r--r- for other files such as policy files and scripts. The messages file doesn't include any additional information.

If I set DEBUG=1 in bro.rc, I get this:

root@utd59514# /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro.rc start
bro.rc: Starting /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro.rc: /var/tmp/bro/bin: Permission denied


root@utd59514# ls -lsa /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro
1760 -r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 1784264 Jul 12 09:27 /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro

And I can run bro from the commandline (although that brings up another issue)

root@utd59514# /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro -i bge0

Any suggestions as to where to look for this problem would be appreciated.

2) I can't seem to figure out the correct format for the file

root@utd59514# /var/tmp/bro/bin/bro -i bge0
/var/tmp/bro/bro/site/, line 1: error: syntax error, at or near ","

Here's the file:

root@utd59514# less /var/tmp/bro/bro/site/,

I have tried enclosing this in brackets [,]. I have tried replacing the comma with a space. I have tried with and without the brackets. No matter what format I use, I get the syntax error.

Is this a bug? Or have I missed something doh simple?

The bro.rc does not work unless you run 'make install-brolite'
Did you do that?

No idea how this all maps to a 'FreeBSD port'

Paul Schmehl wrote:

No, I did not. However, the documentation says you can run bro_config instead. I *did* do that.


"The Bro-Lite configuration script can be used to automatically configure (or reconfigure) Bro for you. It checks your system's BPF settings, creates a "bro" user account, installs a script to start Bro at boot time, installs the report generation package, and installs a number of cron jobs to checkpoint Bro every night, run periodic reports, and manage log files.

To run this configuration script type:


This script creates the file @file{$BROHOME/etc/bro.cfg}. bro_config will ask a number of simple questions. Note that the full functionality of this script is only supported under FreeBSD. Some additional configuration may need to be done by hand under Linux."

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