script: undefined value as a SCALAR reference

Good Day,

My empty reports problem as been resolved, however, I am drying to dig
a bit deeper into the site-report script error. An error is thrown if
the script is run with summary_only variable is set to 1 (default.)
There error says there is an undefined value as a SCALAR reference.
While the error can be avoided by setting the summary-only variable to
0, you then will not get full reports generated.

The error seems to be that several variables containing the reportable
data are not set due to the if-statement on line 492. This if
statement sets variables (header, incident_summ, incident_details,
system_summ, scan_summ, signature_distribtution) only if summary_only
is set to 0. I do not see any reason for this if statement and upon
removing it, I am able to get full reports rather than just the
summary. Does anyone who is more familiar with this script know why
that if-statement is there and if removing it will have any negative