Starting zeek inside docker container fails when started automatically

Hi all,

I have the latest zeek (5.1.1) inside a docker container. Container was built based on the Dockerfile from the Zeek sources. I have an entrypoint shell script that starts Zeek using: /sbin/runuser -l zeek -c ‘/usr/local/zeek/bin/zeekctl deploy’. This fails as the workers won’t start with the following error: fatal error: problem with interface af_packet:pcap0 (yes we renamed alll capture interfaces to pcap0, pcap1 to identify them easily and to siimplify the configuration of various applications).

This looks like a permission error, however, when I start the container interactively with bash as entrypoint and I copy/paste the exact command from the entrypoint shell script, everything works just fine.
BTW: the entrypoint script ends with a ‘sleep infinity’ otherwise the container exits immediately because zeekctl starts everything in the background.

So: if the container is started like this: docker run --rm -it --name zeek --cap-add net_raw --net=host --entrypoint=/bin/bash , it works;
if I start it with -d (and not -it) and my default entrypoint script, it won’t work.
The zeek binary inside the container also had the right capability added.

Anyone any idea?
Thank you very much in advance.
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Hi John,

Welcome! The “problem with interface” error message should include a reason in parentheses, I presume it actually confirms that it’s a permission problem?

What happens when you use docker run -it but give it your entrypoint script as command? Another thing you could try is to examine your environment in both scenarios, to look for clues.


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If af_packet:pcap0 is the string you actually used as interface, try af_packet::pcap0 with two colons.

The former will use the libpcap packet source and pass af_packet:pcap0 as interface name (likely erring), while the latter will use the af_packet packet source and use pcap0 as interface name.

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Hi all,

the single colon instead of the double colon is simply my typo because the zeek-sensor runs in a separate environment and copy/paste is a challenge :slight_smile:

However, I found my mistake: it has to do with the Linux capability cap_net_raw that was set on the zeek (and capstats) binary. Somewhere in the docker-entrypoint file there is a chown -R zeek:zeek for the entire zeek-tree in case you give your container seperate user and/or group id’s. After the chown all capabilities are lost, wich is completely understandable from a security point of view.

So thanks for the suggestions. Christian suggestion to simply start my docker-entrypoint interactively pointed me in the right direction.

Have a nice weekend!
Regards, John