string to (huge) int/count convert

In order to make IBAN checksum checker I need to make modulo 97
operation on a very high value that cannot be stored in int or count
type. Is there any way I could make this possible? there is no 'long'
type in bro?

This is exactly what I'm tring to accomplish:

The maximum integer storage in Bro is the unsigned 64-bit “count” type. The numbers in the example seem to overflow that, so maybe an approach to try is to find/port an arbitrary precision modulus algorithm (e.g. one that operates on a string of digits and thus avoids overflowing fixed size storage). It may be easier to add such a thing as a Built-In Function (using C/C++) rather than entirely in the Bro scripting language.

- Jon

That’s probably the right approach. That said, I’m playing around now with writing an arbitrary precision library with at least enough functionality to validate IBAN numbers completely as a Bro script.