Sun-setting zeekurity/zeek container images


we’ve been pushing container images to the zeek organization on Docker Hub since the beginning of the year and are sun-setting pushing to the zeekurity organization in the very short term.

  • We’ll be removing latest and lts tags from zeekurity/zeek in the coming days to avoid consumption of potentially stale tags. Older release tags will continue to exist for sometime longer.

  • Container images for Zeek 6.0 will not be pushed to the zeekurity organization on Docker Hub anymore.

Please switch to using container images from zeek/zeek, or instead.

If your primary use-case for container images is package testing on GitHub, consider giving the action-zkg-install GitHub Action a go!

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out.



The latest and lts tags have been removed from zeekurity/zeek and zeekurity/zeek-dev.