Zeek Newsletter - Issue 25 - January 2023

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Welcome to 2023. This month’s newsletter is mostly about development updates, but we also want to know what you think about Zeek!

We’re running a survey until 10 February – no login or identifiers required unless you want to talk with us directly. Share your thoughts on how you use Zeek to defend your environment or conduct network research:


Development Updates

On 5 January, Arne Welzel announced that Krisan Timur had transferred control of the “zeek” Docker Hub account to the Zeek project. Tags from the old zeekurity/zeek account have been re-pushed to zeek/zeek and the latest documentation is now updated. We plan to retire the “zeekurity” account in the future and recommend changing to “zeek” if you’re consuming these images.

On 9 January, Tim Wojtulewicz announced the release of Zeek 5.0.5, a bug fix release. Please update Zeek as soon as possible.

See the release notes for details:


Binary packages for the new releases are available:


Updated source code is available:



On 20 January, Benjamin Bannier announced the release of Spicy 1.5.3. This is a bug fix release for the 1.5 Spicy release series we maintain for long-term support in Zeek LTS.

See the CHANGES file for a detailed list of changes.


On 25 January, Benjamin Bannier announced the release of Spicy 1.6.1. See the NEWS file for a high-level summary, or the CHANGES file for a detailed list of changes.



Zeek in the Community

Please visit our survey and let us know what you think about the Zeek project:


There are 10 days left at the time of publication.

On 18 January, our friends at the Wireshark Foundation released Wireshark 4.0.3. For more information, please read their release notes:


On 31 January, our friends at the Open Information Security Foundation released Suricata 6.0.10. For more information, please visit their announcements page:


Thanks to everyone subscribed to our YouTube channel, we’ve hit the 4,000 mark, with 250k views! Check us out here:


Zeek in the Enterprise

We continue to provide experimental support for Windows. The Zeek 5.2 release, scheduled for early 2023, will be the first to formally feature Windows support. Please consider testing the new code by compiling it on Windows:


Upcoming Events

All ZeekWeek 2022 videos are on YouTube.

The easiest way to stay informed on this content is to subscribe to the Zeek YouTube channel:


The following playlist contains all 19 videos:


Zeek Package Updates

Changes to packages are available via this search:


The https://packages.zeek.org site reported the last 5 updates as of 3 January:

1/31/23, 4:12 AM shodan-zeek

1/30/23, 4:27 PM spicy-plugin

1/30/23, 3:32 PM spicy-tftp

1/24/23, 11:36 PM icsnpp-opcua-binary

1/19/23, 8:42 AM zeekjs

Get Involved

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