Test binary packages for Zeek 3.0.0 and nightly

Hi everyone,

As many of you might know, we ship binary packages for Zeek using the OpenSuse build service. With Zeek 3.0, we are also changing the namespace and name of all Zeek packages on the OpenSuse build service. The new namespace is “Security:Zeek”, and the packages are called zeek and zeek-nightly.

Binary packages for Zeek 3.0.0 are now available. While the packages should work fine they currently have seen a relatively minimal amount of testing - and I am happy about any feedback.

Packages are currently available for CentOs 7; Debian 9 & 10; Fedora 29 & 30; Raspbian 9 & 10; SLE 12 SP4; SLE 15 & 15 SP1; openSUSE Leap 15.1; openSUSE Tumbleweed; Ubuntu 14.04, 18.04, 18.10, 19.04. CentOs 8 packages will be added within the next few weeks; if you are missing any other distribution let me know.

Instructions how to add install the packages are available at Install package security:zeek / zeek. The source files that are used to generate the packages are available at Show security:zeek / zeek - openSUSE Build Service.

Zeek nightly builds are also available again; instructions on how to add the packages to different systems are available at Install package security:zeek / zeek-nightly and the source files are available at Show security:zeek / zeek-nightly - openSUSE Build Service. Nightly packages are currently still building - it might take up to a few hours until they are available for all supported distributions.

Packages under the old namespace will no longer be updated and will be completely removed in the near future.

Thank you,