Zeek removed from Debian/Kali

Hey Folks,

Looks like zeek was removed from debian (and thus Kali Linux).

From what I can tell this may be due to issues with the libc version in use? zeek - Debian Package Tracker

Are there any plans to update this?

The debian testing binaries from opensuse also appear to have the same issue.



the post you are linking to is about the Debian Zeek package, which is maintained by someone in the Debian team.

I don’t think anyone in our project has any ties to the package, or involvement in creating it. Thus we cannot really give you any information on this.

We do provide our own binary packages that we build using the Opensuse Build Service - see Binary Packages · zeek/zeek Wiki · GitHub for details.

I hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions,