Use Windows machine as worker node in cluster -

Dear All,
This is a multiple part question.

  1. I am running a Zeek cluster on Ubuntu 20.04. One of the worker nodes is my Ubuntu PC (localhost). I want to include a Windows 11 PC as another worker node. Is this first of all possible?

  2. I have set up the SSH configuration on the Windows machine for password-less SSH login. I get the following error when I run zeekctl deploy:

root@x.x.x.x: Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).
Error: cannot create a directory on node worker-2

My username on the Windows machine is rajav, and hence I would like to login as rajav@x.x.x.x, whilst Zeek is attempting it as root@x.x.x.x. What and where should I change the username, in order to access the network traffic from the Windows machine.

  1. I am using the WiFi interface for connecting on the network. It is displayed as on the terminal on the Windows machine as

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi
How do I fill this detail in the node.cfg file?