Zeek Cluster with VM

Hello All,

I am using a Ubuntu Physical machine with IP I have installed Zeek on this machine. This is what I intend to use as the Manager, logger etc.

I have Ubuntu installed on Virtual Machine (using virtualbox) with IP I want to collect logs from this machine, hence I decided to use this as the worker machine. On running

zeekctl deploy

I kept getting the following error

updating nodes ... root@ Permission denied (publickey,password). Error: cannot create a directory on node zeek-worker Error: Failed to establish ssh connection to host [Errno 32] Broken pipe

After some changes to ssh, now I am able to ssh to root@
But when I run zeekctl deploy it just freezes at updating nodes.
How do I proceed?

Alternately, if Iam able to ssh to user@, where “user” is a non-root user, how does the node.cfg file change, since I assume zeekctl deploy tries to access the worker node with root privileges?

Thanks in advance


Hey Raja,

You need to decide as which user you’re going to invoke zeekctl, which implies the user at the SSH level. Here too take a look at the zeekctl docs.

Regarding the stalling, double-check that passwordless SSH login works. You could also try something like zeekctl exec ls to run a command on all nodes, to verify that the SSH-level setup works.


Hi Christian
Thanks for the reply.

I dont have a problem running as either root or some non-root user as long as it works.

I did check that I am able to ssh without password into the worker node, both as root and non-root users. I am able to login to the worker node without any hassles.

For the second part of your reply:
This may be a dumb question, but does Zeek have to be installed on all nodes, including the worker nodes? I have it installed only on the manager node. That is what I could understand from the official documentation and other sites that describe the installation procedure, like Eric Ooi’s.

Also tried again today afresh. Still the same state.

I am able to have a standalone system running on the host machine. Clustering is what causes issues.


Hi Raja,

When you run a Zeek cluster, it means you run multiple Zeek processes. Each of those processes has a specific role, such as workers (processing packets), a manager, a logger, etc. These roles can only be provided by Zeek itself, by running these processes. They may all run on the same machine or on multiple ones — the latter is usually only required in large setups where packet capture on a single machine isn’t sufficient. There always is only one manager process.

zeekctl is a command-line management client for such a cluster. You run it from the same machine running the master process. You do not need to install zeekctl on all cluster machines, only the manager’s. The cluster may span multiple machines, but doesn’t have to.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Christian.

I think I am able to get the Modbus logs (for which I had posted a separate question in the forum), so right now, I am focusing on them.

I will get back to getting the logs from a VM soon and update the status.