viability of stand-alone (not installed) Bro

For various reasons I sometimes like to run Bro out of the directory
I used to build it, rather than installing it. With a fresh git pull,
when doing this I get:

  % build/src/bro
  internal error: can't load magic file /usr/local/bro/share/bro/magic: could not find any valid magic files!

Well harumph.

However, the reason for this note (rather than a shiny-new-tracker ticket)
is I'm wondering whether filing the ticket is a lost cause (i.e., the
current philosophy is it's okay if things only work post "make install") ... ?


I don't think that is intended behavior, but rather an unintended consequence of some of the work on the file analysis framework and shipping with our own magic DB. Perhaps Jon can elaborate more on what it would take to fix this?

Quite the opposite: I'm sure most of us run it right out of the source
tree more often than not. Try "source build/".


Try "source build/".

Cool, that does it. The only problem is surely I'm going to fail to
remember that bit of voodoo, and bug you with similar questions in the
future at least three more times :-P.