Welcome to the Zeek Discourse server!

Hello Everyone,

welcome to the new Zeek Project Discourse server. As previously announced, we imported all the topics from our mailing list archives. Please let us know if you notice anything that looks off - like posts that are affixed to the wrong topics. We are happy to fix these when you point us to them.

For technical reasons, all posts that were imported from our mailing lists are closed by default. If there is a specific topic that you think we should re-open - let us know and we should be able to do this.

Please note that you have to re-subscribe to Discourse, even if you already had an account on the mailing lists. If you do not like the web-interface of Discourse, you can keep using it like a mailing list, by enabling the mailing list mode in your user settings (under email).

If you have any feedback, please share it with us under in the site-feedback category. Or - feel free to write one of the team members directly.

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