Mailing list migration starting May 24th 2022

Hi everyone,

as previously announced (, we will move all our mailing lists to Discourse.

All mailing lists will be switched into read-only mode on Tuesday, May 24th 2022. The current state of the mailing lists will then be imported into Discourse. We will expect this to take up to two days.

Thus, on or before Thursday, May 26th, the Zeek Discourse server will be available at We will send one last posting on this mailing list when the Discourse server is operational. Please note that you will have to manually re-subscribe to the lists that you are interested in.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, either email me directly, or email the Zeek Leadership team at
  Johanna Amann (for the Zeek LT)


as previously announced, the mailing lists will stop accepting postings in the next few minutes. A followup message will be sent once discourse is ready for registration.

Thank you,

The mailing list migration is done - if you are reading this, you are on our discourse server. Please let us know if you encounter any issues - or if you have feedback :slight_smile:

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I can see this message. I am happy.