zeek-long-connections fails to install with zeek 4.0.6

Hi all,

  I am trying to install zeek-long-connections in a Zeek 4.0.6 under FreeBSD 13 and returns the following errors:

root@fbsdmgmt:~ # zpkg install zeek/corelight/zeek-long-connections
The following packages will be INSTALLED:
   zeek/corelight/zeek-long-connections (v1.3.0)

Proceed? [Y/n]
Running unit tests for "zeek/corelight/zeek-long-connections"
error: "zeek/corelight/zeek-long-connections" tests failed, inspect contents of /opt/zeek/var/lib/zkg/testing/zeek-long-connections for details, especially any "zkg.test_command.{stderr,stdout}" files within /opt/zeek/var/lib/zkg/testing/zeek-long-connections/clones/zeek-long-connections
Proceed to install anyway? [N/y]

  With Zeek 4.0.5 works perfect ... Any idea why fails under Zeek 4.0.6?

Sorry, this is the output of tests:

tests.defaults ... failed
tests.different_durations ... failed
tests.different_durations_2 ... failed
tests.different_durations_dont_repeat ... failed
tests.different_durations_no_notice ... failed
tests.different_durations_no_repeat ... failed
tests.event ... failed
tests.special_durations ... failed
8 of 8 tests failed