Errors with Spicy 1.3.0 with Zeek 4.0.4

Hi all,

I have compiled and installed Spicy 1.3.0 in my Zeek 4.0.4 cluster (FreeBSD 13 based), but I try to execute “zeekctl deploy”, in stderr.log in all nodes appears the following error:

/opt/zeek/share/zeekctl/scripts/run-zeek: line 110: 55286 Abort trap nohup "$myzeek" "$@“

Any Idea?

My zkg installed packages are:

zeek/corelight/zeek-community-id (installed: 3.2.1) - "Community ID" flow hash support in conn.log
zeek/corelight/zeek-long-connections (installed: v1.1.0) - Find and log long-lived connections into a "conn_long" log.
zeek/salesforce/hassh (installed: master) - HASSH is used to identify specific Client and Server SSH implementations.
zeek/salesforce/ja3 (installed: master) - JA3 creates 32 character SSL client fingerprints and logs them as a field in ssl.log.
zeek/zeek/spicy-analyzers (installed: v0.2.27)
zeek/zeek/spicy-plugin (installed: v1.3.2)
zeek/zeek/zeek-netmap (installed: v2.0.0) - Packet source plugin that provides native Netmap support.