Zeek mailing list renaming and outage

Hello everyone,

As part of renaming Bro to Zeek, we are going to change the addresses and
names of all our mailing lists.

The important thing first: this change is going to happen tomorrow
(Thursday), 12/20. The mailing list rename will happen during a system
maintenance window at ICSI (which is hosting the mailing list). Thus the
mailing lists (including the archives) will be unavailable for a few hours
during the day on Thursday. Mails sent to the lists during this time
should be queued and delivered when the system is back up.

The current Bro mailing lists will be renamed as follows:
bro@bro.org -> zeek@zeek.org
bro-dev@bro.org -> zeek-dev@zeek.org
bro-commits@bro.org -> zeek-commits@zeek.org
bro-announce@bro.org -> zeek-announce@zeek.org

Similarly we will change the mailing list subject tags from Bro to Zeek.

There will be redirects from the old mailing list names to the new ones,
so mails sent to the old addresses will not be lost.