Zeek mailing list move (to lists.zeek.org)

Hello everyone,

We are going to switch the zeek.org mailing lists to a new provider on Monday the 27th. This change means that the domain-part of all zeek.org mailing lists is going to change from “zeek.org” to “lists.zeek.org”.

What changes does this entail / what does this mean for you:

* All zeek.org mailing list domains will switch to lists.zeek.org. For this mailing list that means the address will be “time-machine@lists.zeek.org” afterwards.
   However, you will still be able to send messages to the old list address for the foreseeable future - they will automatically be forwarded to the new address
   If you are using mailing list filters to automatically sort Zeek mailing lists into folders, you will probably have to update them.

* The mailing list archives and administrative interface will move to https://lists.zeek.org/. The old interface at http://mailman.icsi.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo will no longer be available; archives will also no longer be available at the old address.

* Your subscription will automatically move, you do not have to take any action.

When will this happen:

* This change will happen on Monday the 27th of July, starting at approximately 9am PDT/noon EDT/4pm GMT/5pm BST/6pm CEST.
   Messages sent to the Zeek mailing lists during this time will be held. We will try to make sure that any messages that happen to be sent during this timeframe will make it over after the migration, but your message will probably make it faster if you wait till we are done.

* The change will take a few hours; I will send another message to the individual lists once migration is done.

Why are we moving the mailing lists:

The current setup that we are using is being retired and we have to switch to a new provider. We are switching to a new domain because this makes our setup easier to maintain.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.



Thanks for doing this :slight_smile: While this list doesn't get a lot of activity, I sure
know its closely read by many.

Let us know if we can help in any manner!