Zeek Newsletter - Issue 31 - July-August 2023

Welcome to the Zeek Newsletter.

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  • Development Updates
  • Zeek in the Community
  • Zeek in the Enterprise
  • Upcoming Events
  • Zeek Package Updates
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Zeek 6 is here. See below for details.

Development Updates

The Zeek team is proud to announce the release of Zeek 6. Work on this release began in February and comprises around 720 commits in 210 pull requests. We’re deeply grateful to our contributors in this release cycle, including Jan Grashöfer, Eldon Koyle, Michael Torres, and Fupeng Zhao for their feature work, as well as Aashish Sharma, Mike Patterson, and the members of our testing subgroup for their time and effort — thank you!

Highlights include Javascript integration, Spicy integration, bundled Community ID, JSON ingestion via from_json(), non-routable (RFC 1918) address space treated as site-local, multi-logger support for writing to files, and more.

You can read more about Zeek 6 here:


You can access the release here:


Zeek in the Community

The election process for the Zeek Leadership Team has closed. We will report the results shortly. Thank you to everyone who nominated candidates.

Keith Jones continues to publish insightful videos on Zeek. Here is his Zeek playlist:


Here is his Spicy playlist:


Zeek in the Enterprise

Tenzir has published several interesting blog posts on using Zeek data. Access them here:


Upcoming Events

Johanna posted an update on the status of ZeekWeek and regional events. In short, there is no ZeekWeek this year, but we have several other regional events in the works. Please see this post for details:


When we have details on the regional events, we will share them via our social media channels.

The next Zeek Community Call is 6 September at 1 pm ET. There is no need to register. Here is the Zoom link:


BSides Augusta and the Security Onion Conference will take place on 6-7 October in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Expect to see representation from the Zeek project there, with a pre-conference presentation on 5 October likely. Check our social media for details as the date approaches. Here are the Web pages for each event:



Zeek Package Updates

Changes to packages are available via this search:


The https://packages.zeek.org site reported the last 5 updates as of 2 June:

8/30/23, 4:13 AM shodan-zeek

8/28/23, 8:45 PM icsnpp-opcua-binary

8/28/23, 6:02 PM icsnpp-modbus

8/28/23, 6:01 PM icsnpp-dnp3

8/28/23, 6:00 PM icsnpp-s7comm

Get Involved

If you have any comments or material for the newsletter please email news@zeek.org or join the #news Slack channel.


The Slack channel has been very active during the past month. Here is an invitation link:


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