Zeek Newsletter - Issue 33 - October 2023

Welcome to the Zeek Newsletter.

In this Issue:

  • TL;DR
  • Development Updates
  • Zeek in the Community
  • Zeek in the Enterprise
  • Upcoming Events
  • Zeek Package Updates
  • Get Involved


A lot has happened since the last newsletter, including code releases and several events. We have one more free ZeekDay scheduled in November. See the Upcoming Events for details. Register today to secure your seat.

Development Updates

On 26 October, Arne upgraded try.zeek.org to version 6.0.1. Check it out and feed it a packet capture file!


On 26 October, Benjamin released Spicy versions 1.8.2 and 1.9.0. Please read each post for details.



On 27 October, Tim released security/bugfix release Zeek 6.0.2 and feature release Zeek 6.1.0. Please read each post for details.



Zeek in the Community

We hope you liked the free ZeekDay event at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, USA, on 4 October.

Kelley enjoyed visiting BSides Augusta and the Security Onion Conference on 6-7 October in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

Fatema, Christian and friends completed their free training day on 23 October. Thank you to everyone who taught, assisted, and trained. Please leave feedback here.


Zeek in the Enterprise

On 26 October, Christian wrote a blog post on Zeek 6’s new JavaScript support.


On the same day, Simeon wrote a blog post explaining how he used ZeekJS to write a new Zeek package.


Upcoming Events

We have another ZeekDay scheduled in Frankfurt, Germany, on 16 November. Robin, Benjamin, and Arne will be there. Please register here so we get the logistics correct.


The next Zeek Community Call is 1 Nov at 1 pm ET. There is no need to register. Here is the Zoom link:


Zeek Package Updates

Changes to packages are available via this search:


The https://packages.zeek.org site reported the last 5 updates as of 2 June:

10/30/23, 4:13 AM shodan-zeek

10/29/23, 2:10 PM credit-card-exposure

10/27/23, 11:06 PM bro-http2

10/27/23, 3:57 PM zeek-spicy-ipsec

10/27/23, 4:08 AM domain-tld

Get Involved

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