Zeek Training sub-group Meeting minutes - 02/04/22

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining the sub-group meeting this morning. Appreciate the participation.
Please find below the meeting minutes from today’s meeting.

Let me know in case of any questions or issues.

Meeting Minutes:

  • The Zeek Approved Training FW is now online, can be found here: https://zeek.org/training/

  • People who are interested in submitting their training or know someone who is, can submit it through a webform on that above shared website link.

  • We are hatching out an outline for Regular Zeek training and will be asking for volunteers to help in providing the training or content creation.

  • Swapneel is working on getting a training cleaned up and submitted towards Zeek Approval, that he recently presented in a Conference.

  • Philip and the team from CENIC is going to create some content around how to transition from using Bro to Zeek with some lessons learned and mistakes to avoid.

  • We are working with Virtually Testing Foundation to get their “ZeekU” training approved through Zeek Approved training FW.

If you are interested to take part in the Training subgroup meetings and content creation, please send out an email to myself (fatema@zeek.org) and cc’ing Keith (keith@zeek.org)