Zeek Training sub-group Meeting minutes

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining the sub-group meeting this morning. Appreciate the participation.
Please find below the meeting minutes from today’s meeting.

Let me know in case of any questions or issues.

Meeting Minutes:

We discussed our two short term goals (tentatively finishing by Oct’21)

  • Goal 1: To work on Zeek Approved Training FW

We discussed and refined the steps and areas to focus on vetting training. Detailed notes can be found here.

  • Making some great progress in vetting and quantifying the Zeek approval process.

  • Providing a web form on our training website for the authors to submit their training to get “Zeek Approved”

  • Reviewers will get a report card (a web form) to fill up based on the vetting process to evaluate and provide score/rating to a training

  • Communication and feedback channels back to the authors from the reviewers of the training.

  • Collaborating with other Zeek teams like Documentation to report/file issues related to the content of the training.

  • Goal 2: Focus on polishing ZW training and getting it through the Zeek Approved Training FW.

  • We started a discussion around the areas of polishing and improvements needed to vet the ZeekWeek’21 training through the Zeek Approved training FW.

  • We are going to have a call out to the community members that are interested to participate in ZeekWeek’21 training content creation and help.

Details on the discussed ideas and steps can be found in the Training Subgroup goals document.