Zeekctl failed to run when installing zeek on Ubuntu

Hi everyone, I am not sure if someone had this issues in the past when trying to run to install zeek on Ubuntu.
After going through the installation guide and got to the point of running the zeekctl.

I type in “deploy” and it came up with the below error message.
" [ZeekControl] > deploy
checking configurations …
zeek scripts failed.
error in /opt/zeek/spool/tmp/check-config-zeek/local-networks.zeek, line 4: unknown identifier x, at or near “x” "

Can someone please point me to the right direction.
Thank you.

Hey @jakinbami ,

Could you paste the first few lines of local-networks.zeek ? And possibly what your networks.cfg file looks like? I’m suspecting the content of your networks.cfg isn’t valid.

Hope that helps,