Zeke on Zeek: Paraglob Post

Hi all,

Check out the first of a series of Zeke on Zeek posts we’re rolling out. This week’s post is on Paraglob. https://blog.zeek.org/2019/06/zeke-on-zeek-paraglob.html

If you have topics you’d like us write more about please let us know.


Paraglob was built for Zeek, can be helpful to people outside of Zeek
specific work as well.

Paraglob's API is rather limited inside Zeek for reason's I talk about
a little in the post, but its C++ API is fairly flexible and its
makefile is already set up to be linked with a different project.
There will be an example of linking it up in Zeek soon. Its source
code is here: https://github.com/zeek/paraglob and I tried to make the
code fairy well commented. I hope you all find it useful.