2.4.1 to 3.0.1

We have a (c++) plugin that we have been using with 2.4.1. We are
trying to move to 3.0.x. Is there any documentation on api changes
(deprecations) that we need to be concerned about? Our plugin is an
analyzer deriving from tcp::TCP_ApplicationAnalyzer. Any guidance is
appreciated. Thanks.


All of the deprecations listed in 3.0.1 will return compiler warnings if you use them in your code, but will still function correctly. The deprecations aren’t actually removed until 3.1, at which point using them will cause failures. That said, if you run into anything with any of the deprecations, let us know and we can help work through them.


Thanks Tim,
Thanks to those compiler warnings, I took care of mpg them. That was ver nice.

However, I have seen EnableHook being used in some of the newer plugins. My plugin seems to compile fine and rudimentary testing shows it seems to work fine as well. Where can I know more about the APIs purpose and use? Are there any other new APIs that are newer and correct ways of interacting with zeek?

Thanks again for taking the time for responding to my query.