2.5.1 release?

Some of us have been talking about doing a 2.5.1 maintainance release.
It has been suggested to divert from our normal route of picking just
important fixes and instead go ahead and include what's currently in
master, given that we actually don't have much new functionality in
there yet at this time. I just went through the CHANGES since 2.5 and
I can see snapshotting current master as 2.5.1 if folks here are fine
with doing a broader release (which will need a bit more testing than
just a bugfix update would). Any opinions?

(Note I wouldn't want to exclude just individual commits currently in
master from 2.5.1, as that gets messy quickly. I would say it's either
all of master right now, or we pick selected commits for a narrow
release as we did in the past).


I'd be fine with that. I think master is quite stable right now anyway.



My understanding is that we still have some stochastic tests that fail for timing issues, but not if run manually on master. Is that correct?


Correct. I haven't seen any failing tests recently
that indicate a real problem in the software.

I'm pretty sure Vlad is in agreement, but traveling today. I think Justin as well, but I should let him speak for himself.

Looking over Changes, there is nothing that I am especially concerned
about at a cursory glance.


Yes.. I think the only other thing is that the pointer to the broctl submodule hasn't been updated lately.

There are bunch of fixes and a few new features in broctl master that would be nice to get out to people.

I just realized since the submodule hasn't been updated the broctl changes likely aren't running anywhere yet, including our dev/test clusters. If the submodule pointer can be updated I can put master on our dev/test clusters and test everything out a bit more.

The broctl pointer was updated recently (after that, we stopped
seeing jenkins broctl test failures).

Correct, I agree. I just did another review of CHANGES, and didn’t spot anything concerning. We’ll look at upgrading our test cluster (and UIUC’s test cluster) to master.

Sounds good, let us know how that is going.


Battelle's test cluster is currently on Master. I'll forward any issues that we have.