Moving forward

Alright, back to work. :slight_smile:

- I've created a branch release/2.0. Everything going in there will be
  part of future maintenance releases 2.0.x while we're working on 2.1.
  Same for BroControl, the branch is release/1.0.

- For these branches, I think we should limit ourselves to important
  bug fixes only, no new features or other minor stuff. I don't think
  we have the resources to fully maintain two separate versions, so
  let's focus on 2.1.

- To mark things for release/2.0, I've created a new milestone 2.0.x.
  Use that for tickets that need to be addressed in a maintenance
  release, and also for merge requests once we have the change ready.
  Please create separate merge requests for things that are to go into
  both 2.1 and 2.0.x so that we can track them independently. There
  are new pre-defined queries on the tracker home page now.

- I didn't create release branches for the other submodules. For them,
  just commiting to master and doing occasional separate releases when
  helpful should be fine.

Other than that, let's proceed as usual. :slight_smile: