Bro Project and the Software Freedom Conservancy

Some of you know that we have been talking with the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) about joining their non-profit foundation. In fact, current and past contributors have probably been directly contacted by the SFC already.

We have been looking at joining a foundation or starting one for some time for several reasons: to signify longevity for the project, clarify and manage intellectual property rights and licensing, accept donations for the project with low overhead, build community transparency and trust, and provide legal protection for contributors. The SFC provides all of these. They also leave the technical and artistic control of the project to the contributors and community.

As we negotiate a membership contract with the SFC, we would like to open this conversation up to the broader community of developers, users and other stakeholders. This includes not only thoughts on joining with SFC, but also on the contract (draft attached) with them and our plans to further open up the documentation, which we would like to license as Creative Commons Share-alike or Attribution.

So please let us know your thoughts. If possible, I’d like to wrap this discussion up by the end of this week as I’d like to have something to announce at BroCon.

Adam Slagell

Bro-sponsorship-agreement-draft.odt (7.5 KB)