broctl install failed: host key verification failed

Hi Sven,

Did you solve it? I'm facing exactly the same issue (also on Debian Jessie amd64)...

I solved this issue following these steps, working into the console in front of a local machine:

- if not yet happen create an SSH key (ssh-keygen -t rsa, without password, press ENTER several times), for root or for the local account running broctl
- copy or add the public key (~/.ssh/ to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

then, important:
- open SSH connections to your local machine:

    ssh localhost
and ssh ::1

You shouldn’t get a password request due to authorized_keys. Important because without both (IPv4 and IPv6) connections I couldn’t solve the problem. Maybe it depends on the entry in known_hosts?

Now broctl -> install or broctl -> deploy should work.

Good luck.

Hi Thomas,


I had authorized_keys and known_hosts already set up, but known_hosts only for "localhost", not for "::1". It turned out you need both of them.

Thanks again!