Leadership change: Welcome, Christian!

I am very happy to announce a change to Zeek’s Leadership Team: As of this week, Christian Kreibich is taking over the role of the project’s technical lead from me.

Christian has been a key part of the Zeek community for a long time, with a broad variety of technical contributions under his belt—from the original Broccoli (remember?!) to the new Management Framework that’s now shipping with 5.0. Christian is deeply familiar with all the project’s facets & people, and I cannot think of anyone better to steer Zeek forward at this time. The current Leadership Team agrees and has confirmed the change yesterday.

On my end, after many years of leading the “Zeek Team”, I believe it’s the right time to initiate this change: with Zeek having matured into a key component of so many security stacks, it’s worth stepping back a bit and taking stock to see where we go from here. I intend to remain a part of that process, and I will remain on the Leadership Team as well—but Christian’s at the helm now!

Congrats, Christian, and many thanks for taking this on.