libmaxminddb configure issue

Johanna mentioned to me that libmaxminddb should be working now in master…

So far I haven’t been able to get ‘configure’ to find it, neither with the OS packages nor by installing libmaxminddb in /usr/local/ and specifying --with-geoip.

This is CentOS 7.5.


More info:


libmaxminddb: false <------- THIS
Kerberos: false
gperftools found: true
tcmalloc: true
debugging: false
jemalloc: false

Could you try the following patch and let me know if it works for you:

--- a/CMakeLists.txt
+++ b/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ include_directories(BEFORE

set(USE_GEOIP false)
     set(USE_GEOIP true)
     include_directories(BEFORE ${LibMMDB_INCLUDE_DIR})

Yeah, I just figured that out myself and rebuilt…

bro -e “print lookup_location(;”
[country_code=US, region=, city=, latitude=37.751, longitude=-97.822]

Looks like you’ll have the same issue with LibKRB5_FOUND (I didn’t look for others).


Thanks, does look like these wouldn't work as intended for CMake <
3.3, but I've merged Daniel's patch in to master now.

- Jon