myricom driver broken w/ new CentOS 7 kernel

This is mostly just a heads-up for folks that use the myri_snf driver. First, I have to thank Patrick Storm for bringing this to our attention last week at the conference.

On CentOS 7, the latest 3.10.0-1062.1.2 kernel is going to break your ability to build the Myricom driver, versions < 3.0.18. If you don’t touch the existing driver, you may be fine. If you try to rebuild the driver, the compile will fail.

There is a myri_snf-3.0.19 available from CSPi, but it’s not currently on the public download page. With this version, 2/3 systems we’ve tried it on work perfectly fine. The 3rd has so far been a big mystery. If anyone tries it and ends up with workers dying with an error like the following from ‘zeekctl diag’ please let me know:

fatal error: problem with interface myricom::p3p2:13 (No such device)

I’ve got a line of communication open with CSPi. Separately, we have a potential workaround, but we also don’t understand how it’s working. :slight_smile: