myricom SNFv3 / kernel upgrade CentOS 7

Another myricom heads-up.

Not sure how many of you are using or keeping your myri_snf rpm up to date, but the latest kernel update breaks if you’re still using myri-snf 3.0.9 due to the removal of trans_start from net_device.

You’ll want to download the new 3.0.12 .tar.gz from myricom. The tarball contains the new rpm. “rpm -U blaa.rpm” should rebuild the module for you, then just run ‘/opt/snf/sbin/myri_start_stop start’.

Good times.


I ran into this issue… do not use 3.0.11, use 3.0.12 which came out recently. 3.0.11 also broke setting the ring size in Bro’s node.cfg.

I just installed SNF 3.0.12 and it works with kernel 3.10.0-693.2.2 (RH/CentOS 7.4) also addressing the node.cfg issue.