Myricom SNFv3 and CentOS 7.5

A heads-up for other Myricom SNFv3 users:

I recently updated a couple of dev hosts to CentOS 7.5 and found that the Myricom SNFv3 drivers (I’m using 3.0.13) no longer load and fail to rebuild.

I’ve contacted CSPi support and they are looking into it.

+1 on this…I also contacted them a week or so ago and gave them a bit of feedback…you could say. Like maybe release a dkms package, seems like that woud be nice?..and maybe actually test their latest drivers with new RHEL/CentOS release/kernel versions ahead of time to make sure they still work…If you also use Myricom cards and agree, maybe suggest these things as well to CSPi support so we can get some more traction on them doing so…

The latest released SNFv3 drivers (SNFv3.0.13) kernel module will not compile against the kernel version (3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64) shipped with the RHEL/CentOS 7.5…

Personally, the new Endace DAG plugin package is starting to look enticing as a motivator to maybe test out one of their cards after continued issues with CSPi IMO.


This has always been encountered with the SNF driver - CSPi is generally
behind the latest kernel which is not a big deal; just revert back to
the previous kernel and you are good to go until the update is released.

I have always found CSPi very responsive to kernel update patches; I
reported this latest problem two weeks ago however, and have not
received a response that a patch has been release so it may not be
something simple this time around.



Was just notified that CSPi released the updated version of SNF+ to
address the current kernel compile issue.


I’m not seeing an update that has been published for download on their website? Still the release(s) from this past January- SNF v3.0.13 & SNF v5.3.2.1

Am I missing something?


Hi Drew,

I noticed this discrepancy yesterday.

If you register in the support portal, you can get it from there. Join the “Sniffer v3 - LANai” group and they posted it there.

Otherwise, I suppose you’ll have to wait for CSPi to update their website or contact support.

Best Regards,