Some thoughts on the bro deep cluster, broker, and sumstats

I continued my work on the bro deep cluster in the last months and just
want to share my outcome so far and future plans with you:
1. I want to get your opinion on my broker enhancement that allows to
route messages in between not directly connected peers (given that there
is a path between them).
2. I want to share some preliminary thoughts on how to enhance the
sumstats framework to a deep cluster setting, so that it is possible to
create (multiple) subgroups of bros (dynamically) in the deep cluster
that can share and aggregate information.

Criticism, opinions, and further suggestions are very welcome!



Just a quick heads-up: thanks a bunch for summarizing your thoughts! We
haven't forgotten your mail and will get back after we're done with our
crunch with releasing Bro 2.5.

Stay tuned,