Undefined symbol error while writing an analyzer


I’m quite new in bro, and I’m trying to develop an analyzer as a plugin (Not an easy task), using the modbus analyzer as a starting point.

I have passed through all the steps and everything seem to be OK: It compiled OK and Bro detects the plugin and its events when run with the -NN option

However when I try to register my analyzer:

Analyzer::register_for_ports(Analyzer::ANALYZER_UMAS, ports);

I get the following error:

…/build/src/bro: symbol lookup error: /tools/pruebas_bro/bro/bro/umas_plugin/build//lib/UMAS-UNITY.linux-x86_64.so: undefined symbol: _ZN8analyzer4umas16UmasTCP_AnalyzerC1EP10Connection

I have tried to make it simpler and simpler, but always crash against the same error. Even started a new analyzer from scratch, following the quickstarter guide (the SAMPLE one)… and ended up in the same issue.

How could I debug this error?. Anyone has an idea of what could be happening?

Thanks !