ZeekWeek 2022 Video Release, Week 5, 29 November - 1 December 2022

I’m pleased to announce that ZeekWeek 2022 videos are continuing on YouTube.

Our next round of video premieres will take place at 11 am ET on 29 November - 1 December (Tuesday-Thursday). Details for each talk are available at YouTube:

ZeekWeek 2022 - An Introduction to the Management Framework - Christian Kreibich

ZeekWeek 2022 - Two Years of Developing Parsers for Industrial Control System Protocol - Seth Grover

ZeekWeek 2022 - Automated Bug Finding with Fuzzers, with Special Guest OSS-Fuzz - Tim Wojtulewicz

Feel free to join these YouTube premiere events. I will host each session. We hope to have some speakers participate, or at least answer questions asynchronously via comments.

Video premieres will continue through the week of 6-8 December 2022.