Zeek Install instruction

I am investigating my time install zeek on Ubuntu desktop but I could not successfully installed. Anybody know step by step instruction
install Zeek with picture on Ubuntu? Would you send me instruction how to install zeek easy way? Thanks


What trouble did you have installing it? Did you receive any error
messages? How were you trying to install it? Were you using a
precompiled binary or were you trying to build zeek yourself?

Ubuntu has a bro meta package but it may be a bit out-dated (looks
like it might be 2.5.5). You can install that with `sudo apt install
bro`. Building from source is pretty straightforward:

- Grab a release here: https://www.zeek.org/download/index.html
- Follow the installation instructions here:
  - Basically extract the archive, install some dependencies with apt,
then do the usual "./configure && make && make install" dance

Hope that helps.