Zeek LT election 2022 update and results

Hi Everyone,

We previously announced and started the process for the August 2022 LT election. In this election 3 of our 6 individual seats were up for re-election.

During the nomination phase of the election process, we only received 2 nominations in total. Since these nominations were by individuals that are well known to the LT (Johanna Amann and Robin Sommer), the LT chose to short-circuit the election process, electing both members to individual seats and leaving one seat vacant.

We will hold a special election to backfill the vacant seat at the beginning of 2023 – this election will be announced on our blog and on this forum.

After this election, the allocation of the individual seats is:

  • Aashish Sharma (next up for election August 2023)
  • Fatema Bannat Wala (next up for election August 2023)
  • Johanna Amann (next up for election August 2024)
  • Keith Lehigh (next up for election August 2023)
  • Robin Sommer (next up for election August 2024)
  • Vacant (till special election beginning 2023)

In addition to these changes, with Christian Kreibich taking over the technical lead of the project, the technical lead LT seat transferred over to him.

The voting role-based seats are now assigned as follows:

  • Vern Paxson (Founder’s seat)
  • Christian Kreibich (Technical Lead seat)

If you have any questions about this, please either contact us here, at lt@zeek.org, or contact me directly at johanna@zeek.org.

Johanna Amann (for the Zeek LT)

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