Zeek LT Meeting Notes 2023-08-24

Meeting date: 2023/08/24

Zeek Leadership Team Members

(bold indicates attendance)

  • Aashish Sharma, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • Christian Kreibich, Corelight (Technical Lead Seat)
  • Fatema Bannat Wala, ESnet
  • Johanna Amann, Corelight (Chair)
  • Keith Lehigh, Indiana University
  • Kelley Misata, Corelight (Community Seat, non-voting)
  • Robin Sommer, Corelight
  • Vern Paxson, Corelight & University of California at Berkeley (Founder Seat)


  • Richard Bejtlich (Corelight)


Zeek project entity

The Zeek project is currently in the process of creating a corporation to hold the Zeek trademarks (see previous meeting notes). This process is advancing to the point where we have to select a first Board of Directors for the corporation. The Zeek LT proposed that the first BoD consist of Robin Sommer, Vern Paxson, and Seth Hall, all of whom agreed to serve in that role.

Zeek LT election

The Zeek LT reviewed the result of the nomination phase for the Zeek LT election. We got nominations for Aashish Sharma, Christian Kreibich, Fatema Bannat Wala, Keith Lehigh, and Seth Grover. Christian Kreibich currently holds the Technical Lead seat, which is exempt from the voting process. This means we got 4 nominations for our 4 open seats.

Since we only got as many nominations as we have open seats, the Zeek LT decided to shortcut the election process, accepting all nominees into the LT.

The LT, however, noted that this is a problematic trend – it would be great to see more community involvement/interest in the work that the LT does – which is of essential importance for the project. The fact that there does not seem to be a significant interest of community members to become more involved, e.g., by serving on the LT is not a good sign of community health.

Zeek project responsibilities

As noted in the previous meeting notes, we are currently working on formalizing who is contributing to the Zeek project, and what the responsibilities of the different entities that contribute to the project (the Zeek LT, the Zeek Merge Masters, the different subgroups, Corelight, etc.) are.

As part of this process, the Zeek LT created a list of responsibilities that exist in the Zeek project. During this meeting, we continued the process of assigning these responsibilities (in a Responsibility assignment matrix). We again did not finish this process during the meeting, as it turns out there are both a large number of responsibilities and quite a number of distinct parties who might be considered for them; we will continue this work over the next few meetings.